Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Smurf Movie. :)

Yes, yes, I know this won't be "AG Realted" but I just felt like saying I am going to see the Smurf movie with my mom & best friend at 4 & I'm SOOO excited! I have watched The Smurfs since I was little. I feel crazy cause I'm a "big kid" freaking out over a PG movie. LOL!

Just thought I'd share that real quick..I mainly just wanted to post:P so glad to be back!(:

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's been so long!


Okay, so I am still alive! Lmbo! I've been just SOO busy lately with cheer everyday, moving, & I got sick. So, I am now back from my little "break'' I promise to start posting alot more! I sure hope I haven't lost all my viewers!!

So, for all you wondering, I now have 35 or 36 AG Dolls. I don't remember from the last time I counted. I have all of the historicals, all the Girls of the Year except Kanani (I plan on ordering her in the next few days) & I have some Just Like You or My American Girls whatever you prefer calling them. I have a whole room for um here at the new house. I will post pictures very soon((:

Also, I just wanted to make this a notice. I do check my comments on my blog & in the chat bax. Please stop with the spam comments promoting your website or blog. & please keep the doll pictures limited to the amount you put. It gets very annoying when one person post like 20. I am not trying to be mean. Just some things I wanted to adress.

Look for more post soon((:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow and ice

First, we get 8 inches of snow. Now we are getting and ice storm tomorrow starting at 3? This is crazy!! We might not be back at school till after christmas break! (: wow!! Next Tuesday is our last day before we get out for break!! Whooohooo!!

Have a great night!


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Monday, December 13, 2010

We have plenty of snow here!!

Snow, snow, and more snow!! That's all I see!! We have about 8 inches of snow here!! Normally, on snow days we have cheer practice. But all ofthe cheerleaders are snowed in!! It's crazy!! But, I'm loving it! I

just thought I'd give you an update!
-Malari (:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Worn out!

Lastnight was SnowBall Dance at my school. This is the cheerleaders fundraiser so we had to come. And yes, it snowed alright!! Haha (: we danced all night long, so much fun!! It snowed all last week, but that snow is in no compairison to the snow right now! I am in my room looking out the window right now, and it is coming down hard!! Lastnight, the dj at the dance said possibly no school all week!! Whooo!!! But, I still would have 12-3 practice :/

Today, Christy called off practice due to us being so tired from lastnight (we had to stay and clean up) and the weather! So, I plan to spend my day blogging. And, sorry about the "photo shoot" pictures. My laptop was not working and we had to let it charge and I couldn't upload them. But I will, don't worry!!

Have a great day guys (NO PRACTICE YAY!!)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh, how I love the snow!!

The snow can do wonderful things for a busy person!

Thanks to the snow, we got out of school today! (which meant I still had practice 12-3) but oh well!! I am getting caught up in AG world!! I am upstairs in the American Girl room right now, doing a "mini shoot" for Lanie's good-bye. Which is going to be posted hopefully tonight! Thanks to the snow, I am out tomorrow too (: but I still have 12-3 practice. The rest of the day I am free!! Hopefully, this snow will keep coming down so I will be out on Wed. too. I could use as many days as possible to catch up! I know alot of people have missed me posting and I appoligize for it!

Well, I better go finish up this photo shoot so I can go and upload my pictures and post them!

~Malari (:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its been awhile!

Hey guys!! I am so sorry about not posting for a while! Cheer has kept me so busy! We practice 7 days a week and we just got moved to our new house..things are starting to settle back down. So, I will be posting a whole lot more, I promise this time!! lol!!

So, on my chat box. I don't get on too much to chat so, if you want to talk to me about things involing American Girl Dolls feel free to email me anytime!! My email is; americangirls25andcounting@yahoo.com (yeah, I know its pretty long haha)

I would LOVE to have a contest soon, but on my last contest I didn't have too many entries. So, if there would be more people entering I would be GLAD to do it (: it would probably be Christmas related or something like that.

I know alot of you guys are wondering how my collection is going. Well, I have 35 (I think, I will have to go upstairs and count in a few min.) American Girl Dolls. Yes, I am planning to get the new GOTY of course! You all know me, I have to keep up my tradition of getting all the GOTYS and Historicals lol!!! I don't know if I will get a My American Girl or not, I am thinking about it. Tell me your ideas on what doll(s) I should get!! (:

Well, during the move of course I took plenty of pictures of the girls (and Jack) getting moved over to the new house and there new upstairs room! Here at the new house, upstairs there is this back room that is my new AG room. It hasn't been decorated much yet. I barely got stuff out of boxes! I never relized how much I had till I had to load everything up in boxes and get it all in my moms car. Bringing it upstairs was mine and my Mom's little project...oh goodness!! Bringing 33 AG doll boxes (just the dolls, no clothes or furni) up the stairs wasn't too fun. Then we had to bring up the boxes with the furni in it. And...THE CLOTHES that was the hardest. lol!

So, I am gonna go and upload those pictures! Have a great night, I'm hoping we get out of school tomorrow! It is snowing like CRAZY here!! (: yay!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am posting a little before I go to practice on this PRETTY Sunday morning!! So, I just thought I would say hello really quick....I missed posting so bad! When I get back from practice (it is 1:30-6:00) I will try to post some pictures. We are getting close to a competion so the practice is gonna be a hard practice...wish me luck haha!!! So, now I am off to finish putting on my uniform and doing my hair :)

(still 27 AG's without cyber twinns!)
Dream Big!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Yes!! I am back to blogging!! I know, I am not dead haha!!! With school, and cheer practice 7days a week I am booked haha! I hopefully will be posting more now since I can do it from my phone. So, let me update you on what has been going on!!

So, I normal day is school, cheer practice/game/or competion, then I get home about 9:30, do my homework, and go to bed. Then it starts over haha!!! We are in process of moving so...it is very crazy!! So, now onto the dolls! I have 31 normal sized ones, 1 bitty baby, and 1 set of old bitty twins. I have all of the historicals and GOTYS.

I will hopefully get more time for my youtube now too...(I hope!!) I have missed all of this...I haven't gotten much time for my dolls lately so...today since I am FINALLY home from practice I am gonna try to change them and fix their hair. I will try to post some pictures and update you all more!!

Being National Champs is hard but you keep going. I still have to find free time!!

(I still have 27 dolls without cyber twins and bitties!!!)
Dream Big!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rebecca and Kaya, my 2 new dolls!

Now, I have ALL of the Historical dolls and the GOTYS!!!! So, here are my new dollies!! Kaya and Rebecca! (I now have 30 AG dolls, 1 bitty baby, and 1 set of old twins!)